Benefits to Employers


AfterOurs Benefits to Employers

Whether you own a small or medium sized business, are a human resources professional at a large company, represent a city, state or national government agency, or operate a sports league that needs drug testing, AfterOurs Urgent Care medical clinics can customize medical services to meet the needs of all types of employers. 

AfterOurs helps employers keep healthcare costs down.

At AfterOurs, we offer urgent care health services at about half the cost of an emergency room, and with half the patient wait time as well. The goal is to keep healthcare costs reasonable so employers can focus their time and attention on building the business. This is why we feature programs for pre-employment screening, drug testing, occupational medicine, workers’ comp examinations and physicals. 

Pre-Employment Physicals and Drug Testing

Employers may require stringent drug testing as a condition of employment, or even require random drug testing at any time. There may also be an insurance-driven need for a pre-employment physical exam. At AfterOurs, we can provide physical exams and diagnostic testing at a variety of locations and during evenings and weekends. Whatever the requirement, our urgent care medical facilities feature the testing techniques and compliance programs to meet your needs and keep you free of the liability associated with employees who are on drugs or alcohol. 

Some employers may require a straightforward urine screen while others may require the more sensitive hair follicle testing. We protect employers from liability by conducting drug testing for the following substances:

Marijuana Cocaine

Methamphetamine Alcohol

Heroin Pharmaceuticals

Steroids Other Drugs

Occupational Medicine is centered on the physical, mental and social well-being of employees across industries, job descriptions and geographies. Healthy employees make for a productive workplace and reduce the costs associated with missed days, workers’ compensation claims and health insurance claims. At AfterOurs Urgent Care we are familiar with the needs of employers and have developed these programs to keep employees healthy, happy and productive. Our urgent care facilities offer additional benefits to employers including:

Medical treatment on the weekends or during evening hours can have employees back to work without missing any time. 

Faster treatments also reduce downtime as our staff can process workers in less time than an emergency room. 

Our clinics offer lower costs for the same treatments, reducing out of pocket expenses and keeping insurance premiums down. 

We staff experts in workers’ comp claims and will handle all cases efficiently and in strict compliance with insurance requirements. 

Our team of healthcare professionals uses a coordinated approach, applies the latest protocols, and will forward comprehensive medical records as needed. This generally means a lower cost of care and reduced liability. 

To learn more about how AfterOurs Urgent Care can help you manage your organization’s healthcare costs, contact our Manager of Clinical Operations, Alan Ashinhurst, at (303) 218-7761.