Meningococcal Meningitis

In recent Colorado news, Fort Collins Adult Hockey Association has had a few cases of Meningococcal Meningitis, with 2 dead and 1 remaining hospitalized. Those coming in close contact with these members have been vaccinated. Meningococcal Meningitis is a bacterium affecting the blood stream and brain; carrying a high mortality rate if untreated. Meningococcal Meningitis […]

Water & Dehydration

During those hot summer days, it is important to remember to hydrate often. Your body is made up of about 45%-75% water, depending on how much fat you have; therefore, water should be part of your daily routine. Lack of water can cause dehydration which can lead to thirst, dry skin, loss of appetite, fatigue/weakness, […]

Managing Indoor Allergies

Managing Indoor Allergies Allergies affect persons in all walks of life. Here are simple ways to help you identify allergic reactions, as well as ways to help manage your allergy symptoms. Indoor Allergy Symptoms: Sore or scratchy throat Runny nose Watering, red, or itchy eyes Stuffy or runny nose Sneezing and coughing Red, irritated skin […]

Be the Next Patient Seen!

Patients now have the option to pre-register by completing paperwork available anywhere they can access the world wide web! And in the near future patients will be able to complete this process electronically and even make themselves an appointment on the schedule. Patients who complete the pre-registration process will be fast tracked upon arrival and […]

Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort

With the recent 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti AfterOurs Urgent Care was moved to take action in aiding to relief efforts. “As members of the health care community we knew it was important for victims of the recent earthquake to get medical attention as soon as possible” stated Alan Ashinhurst, Manager of Clinical Operations. “We […]