Drug Screening


AfterOurs Urgent Care medical clinics offer drug screening and drug testing services for business owners, employment agencies, government organizations and others in the Denver Metro Area and in Robbinsville, New Jersey. We offer multiple drug testing locations and extended hours of operation during evenings and weekends, our urgent care clinics are an ideal diagnostic solution for companies based in Denver and surrounding areas. Depending on your individual situation, the insurance policy you are pursuing, and the level of diagnostic accuracy required, we can customize a drug screening program to test for any of the following:

• Marijuana • Cocaine

• Methamphetamine • Alcohol

• Heroin • Pharmaceuticals

• Steroids • Other Drugs


There are many organizations that may require professional drug screening including companies with drivers of cars, trucks, buses, trains and even commercial airliners and tanker ships. People who operate heavy machinery are frequently required to submit to drug testing. Companies and contractors in construction, shipping, transportation, engineering, education, and security may require a specific test or series of drug tests in order to maintain their worker’s compensation or liability insurance.

Custom Drug Screening Programs

At each of our urgent care clinics, we offer drug screening services that are tailored to meet a company’s specific requirements and standards for compliance. This could be a pre-employment drug screening program in compliance with the standards of the Department of Transportation (DOT), or the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Drug screening could also be part of a larger pre-employment background check, top secret security clearance, routine physical examination or as part of the onboarding process around a specific client project.

Our urgent care medical clinics provide customized drug screening and testing programs for companies to secure insurance policies, maintain worker’s comp compliance, and generally reduce the liability associated with employees who are high on drugs and alcohol. Drug testing services are delivered in a professional and discrete fashion using our private, secure facilities and featuring comprehensive protocols.

Discrete, Affordable Drug Testing

Drug testing through AfterOurs is cost-efficient, certified compliant, convenient, safely administered, and can be customized to meet the needs of individual businesses, a variety of industries and several different regulatory concerns. Depending on your requirements for pre-employment drug testing, we can help you establish an affordable and effective drug screening program from the ground up.

Contact the AfterOurs Urgent Care medical clinic closest to you to inquire about drug screening programs, different testing options; urinalysis, blood testing, hair follicle testing, and other techniques. We offer comprehensive, discrete, professional drug testing that is highly effective, affordable and fully documented. Our staff at AfterOurs is familiar with various techniques, technologies, and specific procedures required for compliance.

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