Our Physician Team

Our physician team at AfterOurs Urgent Care is highly trained, educated and experienced in providing urgent care and family medicine. The AfterOurs physician team features doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who treat adults, kids and teenagers, providing a high level of urgent medical care for patients of all ages even on weekends and evenings. Our entire team at AfterOurs is focused on providing high level, expert healthcare in urgent situations.

If you have a minor health issue, you can rely on the physician team at AfterOurs to provide excellent medical services, comprehensive diagnostic capability, and medical treatment that is both effective and affordable. This is one of the reasons to consider our urgent care medical clinics as an alternative to a costly trip to the emergency room. If you have an urgent, non-life threatening need for medical care, the family providers at AfterOurs can help. This includes bumps and bruises, broken bones, cold and flu, physical examinations, various diagnostics, and treatments for a wide variety of physical and mental afflictions. 

Excellent care at AfterOurs

AfterOurs staffs doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with many years of experience in emergency rooms, in surgery, in internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics and other medical fields. The depth and breadth of their experience cannot be overstated. The providers we staff at AfterOurs can quickly recognize symptoms, identify medical issues, and get you on the road to recovery and health. Each of our facilities feature testing capabilities including x-ray, EKG, and onsite laboratory capabilities. The physician team at AfterOurs can diagnose your medical issue and will always send you to a hospital or emergency room if you are in need of more critical care. 

All of our urgent care physicians are board certified family physicians that are fully licensed to provide urgent medical care in the state in which they practice. Your health and the health of your family is the number one concern of the physician team at AfterOurs and we will work to prevent illness, identify any medical issues, and generally maintain your health and well-being. Contact the AfterOurs Urgent Care clinic nearest you if you have any questions about the qualifications and specialties available from the providers at AfterOurs.