Physicians like the AfterOurs Urgent Care Model!

Unlike most urgent care companies, AfterOurs Urgent Care receives a large volume of patients through physician referrals. Approximately 25% of our patients are referred to us through their family physician.


  • We offer non-competitive hours of service – night, weekend, and holiday hours
  • We don’t provide primary care physician services – no annual physicals, pediatric vaccinations, etc.
  • We don’t prescribe long term medications and treatments – no diabetes management, etc.
  • We forward treatment records to physicians for follow-up care
  • Our staff refers nearly 1000 patients to primary care providers and specialist each month
  • We do not provide follow-up care, unless requested by a physician
  • We staff board certified family physicians and competent support staff
  • We direct patients to the most appropriate place of service – even when it’s not an AfterOurs facility
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