Community physicians and Urgent Care Company Tackle Emergency Room Overcrowding – Patient Access

Written by admin | 19 April, 2015

DENVER, Colo. (August 8, 2012) AfterOurs Urgent Care and Highlands
Family Medicine (HFM) have joined forces to improve access to acute care during
evenings, weekends and holidays.  Access to
quality healthcare during these times is a serious concern of Denver-area
patients, as it can lead to inappropriate use and overcrowding of emergency
departments a problem which has worsened with the departure of St. Anthony’s
Central Hospital.  AfterOurs will co-locate
medical services 4500 W 38th Avenue in the Denver Highlands.

and pending relocations of several hospitals out of Denver has exacerbated
crowded conditions for Denver emergency rooms (ER), reducing overall capacity
for growing numbers of patients and creating even longer wait times to see
physicians.  AfterOurs clinics
have an average door-to-treatment time of less than one hour (vs. three hours
at an ER) and at less than half the costs of an emergency room visit – they
help save not only healthcare dollars, but also lost income for working
patients and parents of patients.

plans to add an additional physician to provide additional same day access for
patients that wish to schedule appointments for primary care.  AfterOurs will be open 365 days a year until
11PM and patients can walk in during AfterOurs’ time of service.  Together the practices offer 8 AM to 11PM
access every day.  In moving its
operation just 3 miles from the former LODO location, AfterOurs will continue its
support of primary care, occupational medicine and rehabilitation services of
other community practices.   AfterOurs will take over the clinic at 5PM during the week and at 8AM on
weekends and holidays.  They plan for reduced
hours only on Christmas day.

 “This is especially good news for people who struggle
to find medical care after their doctor’s office closes or most urgent care
have closed,” says Chris Rehm, President and Executive Director of
AfterOurs.   “We work closely with
community primary care physicians to ensure patients get the right care in the
right place and at the right time – That is – as soon as possible.” We are
simply elated to have received such a warm welcome from this talented and
caring team  at HFM.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated as much as
50% of ER visits could be seen in a physician’s office or an urgent care center.  According to  – more quickly and at much less cost to the
patient and health plan, Since e
ach AfterOurs Urgent Care site will
create access and capacity for up to 8,000 patients per year, these
organizations can really make a difference.

Dr. Joseph Bednarek, President of HFM,
adds:  “HFM is committed to expanding access
to quality care not only to our patients, but to our community. Working with AfterOurs
makes complete sense: While most urgent care centers don’t stay open past 8 p.m. and many don’t work with
community primary care physicians to ensure continuity, AfterOurs does
both.  Our patients, our primary care
colleagues, and the community all win.”


About AfterOurs

AfterOurs Inc., a
locally owned and operated urgent care company, is dedicated to providing
high-quality, low-cost urgent healthcare services when physician offices are
closed.  Formed in 2005, AfterOurs
operates clinics – Denver Highlands, Southeast Denver , Highlands Ranch,
Thornton and Central New Jersey.

About Highlands Family Medicine

Highlands Family Medicine has been caring for the Denver
Highlands community for more than 40 years. 
With 6 providers in a newly constructed state-of-the art facility in the
Highlands Gardens complex (4500 west 38th ave. suite 210), they
afford patients convenient caring family care. 
HFM physicians
are trained in all major medical areas. They diagnose and treat the full range
of problems and are uniquely suited to direct patient care that happens within
and outside of the clinic.



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Ugent Care

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